Policy Briefs

William Gormley, Universal Pre-K in Tulsa: Two Decades of Progress (October, 2019)

William Gormley, Deborah Phillips and Sara Anderson, Do the Positive Effects of Tulsa’s Universal Pre-K Program Persist Through Middle School? (December 2017)

Trellace Lawrimore and William Gormley, Tulsa Pre-K Alumni are More Likely to Complete Algebra I Early (July 2017)

Deborah Phillips, William Gormley, and Sara Anderson, “Do the Positive Effects of Tulsa’s Head Start Program Persist Through Middle School?”  (August 2016)

William Gormley, Karin Kitchens, and Shirley Adelstein, “Do Middle-Class Familes Benefit from High-Quality Pre-K?” (July 2013)

Carolyn Hill, William Gormley, Shirley Adelstein, and Catherine Willemin, “The Effects of Oklahoma’s Pre-Kindergarten Program on 3rd Grade Test Scores.” (May 2012)

William Gormley, Deborah Phillips, Katie Newmark, Kate Perper, and Shirley Adelstein, “High-Quality Preschool Enhances Social-Emotional Development.” (April 2010)

A Comparison of Head Start and School-Based Pre-K in Tulsa. (.pdf)

Hispanic Students Benefit from Pre-K (.pdf)

“Inside the Pre-Kindergarten Door: A deeper look at what makes a high-quality pre-K classroom”(.pdf)