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3/12/2014 - Deborah Phillips quoted. "A Study Seeks to Determine What Makes Prekindergarten Successful," The New York Times.

3/27/2014 - Bill Gormley quoted. "New Legislation Could Bring Universal Preschool to California," Southern California Public Radio.

12/26/2013 - Bill Gormley: "Would Shakespeare have unsheathed his sword to fight against Common Core?" FoxNews.com.

11/09/2013 - CROCUS research cited in an Op-Ed piece by Nicholas Kristof, "Oklahoma! Where the Kids Learn Early". The New York Times

10/16/2013 - "Too Much Evidence to Ignore: New Findings on the Impact of Quality Preschool at Scale" (video)

05/07/2013 - Bill Gormley: "Charting Pre-K's Value for All". Education Week.

05/06/2013 - Bill Gormley: "Oklahoma's Universal Preschool Program: Better Than OK" The Georgetown Public Policy Review.

05/04/2013 - Bill Gormley quoted in a CBS News report on pre-K education, Oklahoma offers pre-K model for nation".

03/11/2013 - The CROCUS study of Tulsa's pre-K program cited in an article in Tulsa World, "Tulsa's preschool programs seen as national model."

02/18/2013 - Bill Gormley is mentioned during a segment of NPR's Morning Edition, "Is The Call For Universal Pre-Kindergarten Warranted?"

02/15/2013 - Bill Gormley was quoted in the Washington Post Fact Checker column "Obama and early childhood education: a rhetorical leap of faith."

02/14/2013 - Bill Gormley was quoted in an article in the Atlantic Wire, "Can Obama Sell Universal Preschool to the GOP?"

Bill Gormley talks about the effects of Tulsa's pre-k program with in a piece produced by News21's Jeremy Pennycook & Elizabeth Shell.:

(News21 - Early Childhood from Jeremy Pennycook on Vimeo.)

Video Clip: Preschool Programs Can Boost School Readiness (.mov)

Excerpts from Georgetown University Forum interview with Professor Bill Gormley, WAMU Radio, July 2, 2008:

Testimony and Public Appearances

1/7/2014 - Deborah Phillips and Bill Gormley participated in a Cato Institute debate on pre-K research evidence. (video)

Prof. William Gormley, Jr., in a webinar on Pre-K and the Middle Class at The Hechinger Institute on Education and the Media, Teachers College, Columbia University: http://webconf.tc.columbia.edu/p35515373/

Bill Gormley: "Examining the Effects of Oklahoma's Universal Pre-K Program". University of Arkansas, Department of Education Reform Lecture Series, September 29, 2012. (YouTube)

Bill Gormley talks about how advocates of children's issues should (re)frame their arguments at the Columbia University School of Social Work on February 20, 2013. (YouTube)

Testimony of Deborah A Phillips, Ph.D. before the COMMITTEE ON EDUCATION AND LABOR, U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES - January 23, 2008 (.pdf)

Paper Presented by Prof. William Gormley, Jr., Ph.D. at the National Conference of the Early Childhood Research Collaborative, Minneapolis Federal Reserve Board: SMALL MIRACLES IN TULSA: THE EFFECTS OF UNIVERSAL PRE-K ON COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT- December 7, 2007 (.pdf)

Policy Briefs

William Gormley, Karin Kitchens, and Shirley Adelstein, "Do Middle-Class Familes Benefit from High-Quality Pre-K?" (July 2013)

Carolyn Hill, William Gormley, Shirley Adelstein, and Catherine Willemin, "The Effects of Oklahoma's Pre-Kindergarten Program on 3rd Grade Test Scores." (May 2012)

William Gormley, Deborah Phillips, Katie Newmark, Kate Perper, and Shirley Adelstein, "High-Quality Preschool Enhances Social-Emotional Development." (April 2010)

A Comparison of Head Start and School-Based Pre-K in Tulsa. (.pdf)

Hispanic Students Benefit from Pre-K (.pdf)

"Inside the Pre-Kindergarten Door: A deeper look at what makes a high-quality pre-K classroom"(.pdf)

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